Creative Writing Stories Contest Write your story and win a cash prize!
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Creative Writing Stories Contest

Write your story and win a cash prize!

As Quarantine Film Stories contest is reaching its final, we are happy to announce a new competition, specially for the Working Group - Creative Writing! For the last eight weeks filmmakers and writers were getting together every Friday to practice free writing and search for ideas for new stories. Now we are more than eager to read new creations!


15 mei 2020
om 14:00


15 juni 2020
om 23:30


Kloosterweg 1
6412CN Heerlen

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Participate in the contest

  • You can only apply if you have visited the Working Group - Creative Writing at least twice between April 1st and May 30, 2020;
  • Choose any location from the Industry Guide: Locations or choose any location in Limburg (e.g. forrest, castle, village, city, a church, etc) that you can find online. Create a character that appeals to you and write a story with any theme that pops on your mind;
  • Write no more than 800 words;
  • Show, don’t tell! Use filmic language, make your story filmable;
  • Write in a free form (but not a script);
  • Possible languages: Dutch & English;
  • Per participant only one application is allowed;
  • CineSud will publish the best submitted stories on the

Are you ready to submit?

    • Submit till June 15, 23:59 following this link;
    • The winner will be announced on July 1 with the cash prize of €200.

    Contact us.

    Do you have questions about the contest? Send us the message Heb je vragen over deze wedstrijd? Stuur ons dan een bericht via onderstaand contactformulier.

    Contact ons!

    Contact ons!

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