Euregion Film Pitch 2022 Pitch your next film idea and win a development grant.
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Euregion Film Pitch 2022

Pitch your next film idea and win a development grant.

Submit your feature or documentary project, take part in the Euregion Film Pitch @ the Crossborder Film Conference, follow a pitch training, network and compete for a €2.000 development grant!


22 april 2022
om 10:30


22 april 2022
om 16:00


Oude Markt 30
5911HH Venlo

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Euregion Film Pitch

Are you developing a feature or documentary project, searching for a (co)producer and a development grant? Then the Euregion Film Pitch is the place to be! During the Crossborder Film Conference hosted by the Limburg Film Festival you can present your projects to the invited professionals and jury and win €2.000 for the development of your film!

When selected, you project will automatically take part in FilMatch.

The Euregion Film Pitch is co-hosted by the Creative Europe Desks in the Euregion: Netherlands, NRW (Germany), Belgium & Luxembourg.

The Euregion Film Pitch is open for submission for filmmakers from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Limburg Film Festival

The sixth edition of the Limburg Film Festival will take place from 21 to 24 April 2022 in Venlo, the Netherlands. From amateur films and (film) education programs to video art and professional productions: the Limburg Film Festival shows what has been done in the field of film in recent years and showcases special Limburg film culture.

Crossborder Film Conference 

Crossborder Film Conference in the heart of the Euregion and BeNeLux is focused on co-production among the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Luxembourg. During the next edition we will talk about film production anticipating on COVID-19, co-production possibilities within BeNeLux & Euregion, listen to case studies of co-produced projects and host Euregion Film Pitch and FilMatch - a matchmaking session for producers to meet potential co-producers.

Euregion Film Pitch 2022 | Program

16 april 10:00 Pitch Training. Online

The last months have given you a lot of time and energy to boost your creativity and you came up with a new film idea? Then you will probably want to tell everyone all about it as soon as possible. But what is the best way to transport the content, message and purpose of your film in an engaging way that in the best case can even convince producers or people from the film fund to support your project? This goal is too far-fetched you think? Especially in these times? Then take up your courage, shift the imaginary distance towards your goal, attend this Pitch Training.

Timeslot: 10:00-11:30.

*For selected Euregion Film Pitch participants only.

Crossborder Film Conference | Program | April 22, 2022

10:30 Keynote | What will the film industry look like in the future?

During the opening session, Doreen Boonekamp (Chair of the OMC group of Member States’ Experts on coproductions in the audiovisual sector) and Dorien van de Pas prepared a brief market overview on developments and trends in the audiovisual industries these times, focusing on financing and international co-producing.

Timeslot: 10:30-10:50.

10:50 Panel | Co-production case-studies (NL/BE/GER/LUX)

During the Co-production Case Studies, the guest producers Marc Bary & Maria Tsigka (The Man From Rome) and Dries Phlypo & Ineke Kanters (My Dad Is A Sausage) will present the project of their recent co-production, talk about the funding path, working crossborder, the distribution, its benefits and challenges.

The case study projects are:

- THE MAN FROM ROME (working title)
producers: IJswater Films (NL), Fiction Park (GER)

producers: A Private View (BE), The Film Kitchen (NL) and Leitwolf TV & Film (GER)

Moderated by Dorien van de Pas.

Timeslot: 10:50-11:50.

11:50 Euregion Film Pitch

Selected international participants from Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg will present their film ideas (feature or documentaries) and compete for the chance of winning €2.000 development grant.

Selected projects for Euregion Film Pitch:


Corinna C. Poetter (Producer) & Marco Gilles (Producer) | Feature Film | Coming-of-Age | Germany

1960, Totalitarian Syria. A Damaskus baker’s boy wants to become a journalist.


Orkan Bayram (Producer) | Documentary | Germany

Three pilgrims seek spiritual transcendence by visiting Islamic Javanese saints' and ancestor’s tombs; through their 1300km journey, they discover a country stuck between traditions and high-speed capitalism.


Joris Koptop Nioky (Producer) | Documentary | The Netherlands

Performance artist Lingyun Cao is given a year to find a job or else he needs to leave the Netherlands.

Next to that, the participants of the CineSud ScriptLab 2020 & 2021 will pitch their script that they have been developing in ScriptLab during the year with the aim to present their project to producers and to win €500.

Selected projects for Script Pitch:


Wout-Peter Malestein (Writer) & Aydin Dehzad (Producer, Kaliber Film)

Months after the disappearance of his daughter Miriam, Jacob learns that she has died. The only thing left of her to bury is a bone fragment. Jacob experiences a crisis-of-faith and is confronted to the tight-knit Christian community he lives in.


Vera Ketelaars (Writer) & Marc Pötgens (Writer)

Nina's partner breaks off their relationship at the beginning of their backpacking trip through Asia. Nina tries to make it through the trip alone and learns through trial and error to transform her vulnerability into strength.


Marleen van der Werf (Writer) & Misja Pekel (Writer)

Elsie (9) goes on an adventurous road trip with a fish in a bowl and Grandpa's ashes in an urn.The journey through the Dutch landscape reflects her inner journey.

Jury: producer Peter De Maegd (Belgium), producer Anita Elsani (Germany), producer Paul Thiltges (Luxembourg).

Timeslot: 11:50-12:30.

12:30 Networking Lunch

Meet, mingle and munch with the conference's interesting guests and visitors as you engage in driven conversations around a refreshing lunch.

13:30 Panel | Follow the Money

During the Follow the Money-panel national and regional funds will briefly state key points of the funding possibilities and their respective role in a (co-)production. Afterwards a panel of producers will join and talk with each other about international collaboration, the challenges and the future of it, in regards of the changing financing- en producing-landscape.

Confirmed speakers are: Dany Delvoie (Project Manager International at Netherlands Film Fund), Helga Binder (Deputy Head of Film Film Funding Medienstifung NRW) and producers Peter De Maegd (Potemkino - Belgium), Paul Thiltges (PTD Luxembourg and president of the Luxembourg Producers Association) and producer Anita Elsani (Elsani Film - Germany).

Guests will be able to meet the representatives during Networking Drinks.

Timeslot: 13:30-14:15.

14:15 Panel | The Creative Side of International Co-producing

During this panel, we will talk with directors, producers and crewmembers about the artistic and creative side of international co-production.

Confirmed panelists are: director Jaap van Heusden (The Man From Rome), producer Reinier Selen (Rinkel Film - the Netherlands), director Felipe Calvo-Montero, director Luca Meisters.

Guests will be able to meet the representatives during Networking Drinks.

Timeslot: 14:15-15:00.

15:00 Networking Drinks & FilMatch

Stay for the networking drinks to find out the winners of Euregion Film Pitch and to meet and socialize with the conference guests and visitors and engage in driven conversations around refreshing beverages. Part of the networking part is the FilMatch; one-on-one matchmaking sessions.

During a matchmaking session FilMatch producers and attendees will meet potential co-producers to further develop the projects, seek advice and/or to simply introduce themselves. During one hour, the participants will have 10-minutes meetings with producers from Euregion: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg.

Projects that will take part in the FilMatch:

  1. Life Begins aka Freestyle | Sergej Stanojkovski (Director/Writer) | Germany
  2. Hands Full of Stars | Corinna C. Poetter (Producer) & Marco Gilles (Producer) | Germany
  3. The Sole of the Flying Heron | Orkan Bayram (Producer) | Germany
  4. Search Year | Joris Koptop Nioky (Producer) | The Netherlands
  5. Paradise | Wout-Peter Malestein (Writer) & Aydin Dehzad (Producer) | The Netherlands
  6. Same Same But Different | Vera Ketelaars (Writer) & Marc Pötgens (Writer) | The Netherlands
  7. The Last Horizon | Marleen van der Werf (Writer) & Misja Pekel (Writer) | The Netherlands

Timeslot: 15:00-16:30.

16:00 Award Show

Discover the winners of the Euregion Film Pitch and Script Pitch!

Applications are closed. The selection will be announced on April 1, 2022.

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