Film Talents to Cannes 2018 Training and networking program at Festival de Cannes.
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Film Talents to Cannes 2018

Training and networking program at Festival de Cannes.

This year, CineSud takes 10 selected filmmakers to the Marché du Film during Festival de Cannes from May 14th – 19th and offers them an exclusive training program.


14 mei 2018
om 10:00


19 mei 2018
om 10:00


1 Boulevard de la Croisette
06400 Cannes

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Film Talents to Cannes 2018

The selected filmmakers will present their short film during an official Market Screening at the festival – free to attend with any Festival and Market badge – and get accreditations to visit the Marché du Film and Short Film Corner in the week of May 14th. Next to that, CineSud offers them special and exclusive network-opportunities with key-players in the field, acces to conferences and workshops and invitations to networking drinks and receptions during the Marché. Filmmakers are guided by two coaches of CineSud who also help them to get one-on-one meetings with representatives of production companies, distributors, festivals and much more.

Selected filmmakers and films 2018

    • The Hangman | Tim Sagl (director)
    • Barbara | Mark Handels (director), Alexander Dohmen (editor)
    • Shadowhunter | Nicole Jachmann (director, writer), Ayse Remmler (editor)
    • Kalinka | Remy Kooi (director, writer), Sander Pleijsier (producer, sound-designer)
    • Coquille | Yorn Heijnen (director, producer), Sammy Wisniewski (producer), Thijs van Dijk (writer)

    More on the films, filmmakers and Market Screening can be found in our online brochure.

    Check the brochure here.

    Join the market screening.

    Join the CineSud Shorts Market Screening on Thursday May 17th, 13.30 in Palais de Festival (F) and watch the selected shorts produced in the Netherlands. Access to the Market Screening is free with a Market badge.

    Want to meet us in Cannes or working together in the future?

    CineSud is a dynamic and fast growing film hub in the heart of the Netherlands – Belgium – Germany where industry professionals en new filmmakers meet, work together and find lots of activities to train and develop their skills. CineSud organizes industry events, masterclasses, several filmlabs, festivals and much more. Whether you are a filmmaker, film institute, festival, distributor or whatsoever, please feel free to contact us anytime and let's create more possibilities for filmmakers together!

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