Producers Lab 2019 The very first talent development program Producers Lab of the Netherlands.
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Producers Lab 2019

The very first talent development program Producers Lab of the Netherlands.

The very first talent development program Producers Lab of the Netherlands is created with the purpose to train and advance the skills of the producers of Limburg and the Netherlands to develop a feature film or a short film project from scratch. The Producers Lab welcomes national and international coaches (producers) who won Oscars, or other awards awards at – amongst others – Festival de Cannes, Berlinale, BAFTA, as well as Golden Globe-nominees.


10 januari 2020
om 10:00


29 mei 2020
om 00:00



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Producers Lab

Starting in March during Euregion Film Festival the Producers Lab will be closely connected to the Script Lab, while the participants from both courses will be working on each others projects with the aim of an ongoing collaboration after the end of the labs. The participants can submit their own current project they are working on or if they would like to work on a feature film in the near future they can use a project from the participants of Script Lab. Some of the confirmed coaches are: Dries Phlypo (The Best of Dorien B), Martin Hampel (It Must be Heaven, Elle), Hans de Wolf (Antonia), Harro van Staverden (Oorlogsgeheimen), Joost de Vries (The Lobster), Denis Vaslin (Svet-Ake).

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Over de gastspreker: Denis Vaslin

Denis Vaslin started Volya Films in 2004 after moving to the Netherlands from France. He has (co)produced more than thirty fiction and documentary films. His latest film A Land Imagine has won numerous awards at Locarno Film Festival 2018. Denis has been a Torino FilmLab Decision Maker since 2009. He is a graduate of the Binger Lab in 2004, EAVE 2006 and EURODOC 2007, a member of the European Film Academy.

Over de gastspreker: Dries Phlypo

Dries Phlypo collected his first production experience with the features Long Weekend, A Perfect Match and Moscow, Belgium within the company A Private View. He was involved as the line producer of these films. Since then he has produced or co-produced around thirty features. He is member of the board of the Flemish producers association and has joined Les Ateliers Du Cinema Europeen in 2010.

Over de gastspreker: Hanneke Bosman

Hanneke Bosman started working as a freelance executive producer after working for the well-known Film Production Company BosBros for 10 years. She is specialized in preparing applications for Dutch and European Film funds. She is also involved in the different phases of filmmaking like development, financing, production and post.

Over de gastspreker: Hans de Wolf

Hans de Wolf is a television, documentary and film producer. From 1985 to 1989 he was the director of the Netherlands Film Festival. From 1990 onwards he was producer at the production company Egmond Film & Television, winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 68th Academy Awards with the film Antonia's Line.

Over de gastspreker: Harro van Staverden

Harro van Staverden started his career as a producer in 1995 with a strong focus on youth and family content. By now he is known for, among other things, the television series Circus Noël and Tien Torens Diep as well as the feature films War Secret, Cool Kids Don't Cry and Code M.

Over de gastspreker: Joost de Vries

Joost de Vries was the producer and CEO of Lemming Film for over 20 years. Currently he runs An Original Picture and is a Managing Director of APostLab. As a producer Joost de Vries is known for The Lobster (Academy Award-nominated and Cannes Jury Prize-winner), Oblivion Verses (Venice FIPRESCI Prize-winner), Humidity (Berlinale Forum 2016).

Over de gastspreker: Martin Hampel

Martin Hampel started working as a production coordinator at Twenty Twenty Vision and Pallas Film in 2007, producing arthouse feature films that have been very successful at international festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin as well as in theatres worldwide. He is a member of the European Film Academy.

Over de gastspreker: Reinier Selen

Reinier Selen has produced national and international (co-)productions, including the acclaimed films Rafaël, Van God Los, Cool Kids Don't Cry, Nothing Personal, Lucia de B. and Süskind. His recent co-production Rafiki has been in the Un Certain Regard competition at Cannes Film Festival 2018.

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