Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum 2022 Pitchting and networking program at the Norwegian Short Film Festival.
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Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum 2022

Pitchting and networking program at the Norwegian Short Film Festival.

We are excited to announce the 7th annual Screen Talent Europe (STE) Pitching Forum! In collaboration with Mediefabrikken and the Norwegian Short Film Festival, we invite European producers, directors, and screenwriters to pitch their short film projects during the festival. The winner will be awarded a production grant of €4.000!


08 juni 2022
om 10:00


09 juni 2022
om 22:00


33 Storgaten
4876 Grimstad

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Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum

STE Pitching Forum takes place during the Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad, Norway from June 8 to June 13. 15 emerging filmmakers will be selected to pitch their projects during the festival in front of a jury an audience of potential co-producers, financiers and filmmakers.

The pitch will be held Thursday June 9 with a mandatory preparing workshop on Wednesday June 8. Travel, accommodation and food from June 7-10 will be covered by the event and Screen Talent Europe partner. 

After the pitch on Thursday, we invite all the participants and festival audience to join us for a boat trip on the beautiful Norwegian fjords of Grimstad. The winner will be announced later in the evening.

Applications terms

  • To participate you must have a connection to one of the Screen Talent Europe partners (work/live in their region/country). List of partners can be found at on the application form.
  • Producers, directors, and screenwriters are eligible to apply if they have produced at least 2 films (short fiction or documentary).
  • You must apply with a project in development (fiction or documentary) with a maximum length of 30 min.
  • To participate you need to be available for pitching preparations on Wednesday June 8 and of course the pitch on Thursday June 9.

Apply here!

Apply here for the International Pitching Forum 2022.
Compete for a cash production grant of €4.000!
Deadline: May 8.

Read more on the Pitching Forum and the Norwegian Short Film Festival festival!

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