ScriptLab 2020 Immersive feature script development program.
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ScriptLab 2020

Immersive feature script development program.

Following the success of the ScriptLab 2019-2020, CineSud is going to launch the second edition of the development program for first and second feature film scripts. If you have written or directed one or more short films and are currently working on the idea for your first feature film, you are welcome to join this intensive training lab starting from March 2020! Participation is open for filmmakers from all over the world.


25 november 2020
om 10:00


31 december 2020
om 00:00



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Starting in June 2020, the 8-months first feature film development program will enable scriptwriters to finish their stories from the stage of the idea. The course will feature two multiday residence-sessions with writers rooms, lectures and discussions in the south of Limburg, online sessions with script advisors and networking and pitching sessions during filmfestivals. Mentors for the second edition of ScriptLab are Marietta von Hausswolff (Torino Film Lab, Sundance Labs)Jolein Laarman  (Verdwijnen, In jouw naam), Moniek Kramer (Lucia de B.) and Anne Gensior (MIDPOINT Feature Launch, Torino Film Lab)

Program ScriptLab 2020

ScriptLab 2020 | June 10-14, 2020 | Session 1 - Synopsis, Structure and Treatment
ScriptLab 2020 | Writing Session - June-October 2020
Script Lab 2020 | November 25-29, 2020 | Session 2 - Script: Frist Draft
Script Lab 2020 | December 2020 - January 2021 | Individual Task & Online Sessions
Over de gastspreker: Jolein Laarman

Jolein Laarman worked as production designer on a variety of different feature film and television productions before she realised that writing is her real passion. Since then she has written many different television films, series, short and feature films such as the feature films Broos’, ‘Tussenstand’, ‘Het zusje van Katia’, ‘Onder Ons’, ‘Kauwboy’, ‘Verdwijnen’, which won many national as well as international prizes.

Over de gastspreker: Marietta von Hausswolff

Marietta von Hausswolff is a Swedish screenwriter for TV and film, and an international script consultant whose work over the last 11 years includes, among others, Sundance Labs, TorinoFilmLab, Binger Amsterdam, Biennale College Venice, Tiff Studio Toronto FF and Talent Campus Berlinale.

Over de gastspreker: Moniek Kramer

Moniek Kramer wrote and directed around twenty stage performances and a dozen scripts among which the cinema film Lucia de B. is one. She also worked on telefilms, short films and television series such as Rembrandt en van Gogh.

Over de gastspreker: Anna Gensior

Anne Gensior works as an international script consultant for feature films and documentaries and as a script reader for funds and workshops. Since 2017 she has been a core tutor at MIDPOINT Feature Launch and works regularly for EAVE Workshops. Anne participated as a story editor in the Script&Pitch Programme of TorinoFilmLab and works for the script development agency Script House in Berlin.

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