ScriptLab 2021 Immersive feature script development program.
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ScriptLab 2021

Immersive feature script development program.

Following the success of the ScriptLab 2019 and 2020, CineSud is going to launch the third edition of the development program for first, second or third feature film scripts. If you have written or directed one or more short films and are currently working on the treatment for your feature film, you are welcome to join this intensive training lab starting from March 2021! Participation is open for filmmakers from the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium.


09 juni 2021
om 10:00


01 maart 2022
om 00:00



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Starting in June 2021, this 9-months feature film development program will enable scriptwriters to finish their scripts (or drafts of scripts) starting from the treatment stage. The course will feature two multiday residence-sessions with writers rooms, masterclasses and discussions (on several locations in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands), online sessions with script consultants and networking and pitching sessions during filmfestivals. The decision-makers are producer Hans de Wolf & screenwriter Chris Westendorp. The coaches of the 2021 edition are Sander Burger, Rogier de Blok and Anne Gensior. 

ScriptLab 2021 | Decision Makers & Coaches

Meet next year's selectors and mentors!

Decision Maker | Hans de Wolf

Hans de Wolf is a television, documentary and film producer. From 1985 to 1989 he was the director of the Netherlands Film Festival. From 1990 onwards he was producer at the production company Egmond Film & Television, winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 68th Academy Awards with the film Antonia's Line. His recent works include De Vogelwachter, Dreamlife, Wat Is Dan Liefde, The Beast in the Jungle, Dorst, The Reports on Sarah and Saleem, Soof: een nieuw begin, Welkom, Josine, Het begin van het einde.

Decision Maker | Chris Westendorp

Chris Westendorp is an Amsterdam based writer and director. She started as a documentary filmmaker before she got into screenwriting. She graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 2001 with the documentary Westwood Loves You. With this film she won, among others, the Prins Bernard Culture Prize. After her graduation, she immediately started to write for cinema and television. Her recent works include feature films Hemelrijken Dorsvloer vol confetti and tv-series Zeven Kleine Criminelen, Black Widow, Vechtershart.

Coach | Rogier de Blok

Rogier de Blok is an experienced screenwriter and script coach. His feature films have been selected for many festivals, including Cannes, Berlin and Toronto and have won many (inter)national awards, including Gouden Kalveren and an EMMY Award. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and studied Scriptwriting at the Film Academy. His works include Infiltrant, De Nieuwe Wereld.

Coach | Anne Gensior

Anne Gensior works as an international script consultant for feature films and documentaries and as a script reader for funds and workshops. Since 2017 she has been a core tutor at MIDPOINT Feature Launch and works regularly for EAVE Workshops. Anne participated as a story editor in the Script&Pitch Programme of TorinoFilmLab and works for the script development agency Script House in Berlin.

Program ScriptLab 2021

ScriptLab 2021 | June 9-13, 2021 | Session 1 - Synopsis, Structure and Treatment
ScriptLab 2021 | Online Sessions - July-October 2021
Script Lab 2021 | January 12-16, 2022 | Session 2 - Script: First Draft
ScriptLab 2021 | January-March 2022 | Individual Task & Online Sessions

Dit initiatief werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door Grensverleggers, regeling ter ondersteuning van culturele samenwerkingen tussen partijen in Vlaanderen, de Provincie Noord-Brabant, de Provincie Limburg en de Provincie Zeeland.

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