ScriptLab 2021 Immersive feature script development program.
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ScriptLab 2021

Immersive feature script development program.

Following the success of the ScriptLab 2019 and 2020, CineSud is going to launch the third edition of the development program for first, second or third feature film scripts. If you have written or directed one or more short films and are currently working on the treatment for your feature film, you are welcome to join this intensive training lab starting from March 2021! Participation is open for filmmakers from the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium.


10 maart 2021
om 10:00


21 december 2021
om 00:00



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Starting in March 2021, this 9-months feature film development program will enable scriptwriters to finish their scripts (or drafts of scripts) starting from the treatment stage. The course will feature two multiday residence-sessions with writers rooms, masterclasses and discussions (on several locations in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands), online sessions with script consultants and networking and pitching sessions during filmfestivals. The first confirmed coach is Jolein Laarman. The other mentors for the third edition of CineSud ScriptLab will be announced in November 2020.

Want to join the ScriptLab?

If you would like to join the ScriptLab*, please read the conditions and fill in the form below. You can register for the ScriptLab 2021 no later than December  15, 2020, 11:59 PM. The entries are assessed by an external committee of decision makers. The selected plans will be announced on February 15, 2021. 

Participation is open for filmmakers from the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium. 


The ScriptLab 2021 will take place from March 10 till December 21, 2021 in several residences in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands (the exact locations will be announced in February). A maximum of 5 projects will be selected. The costs are €850 (excl. VAT).  A second scriptwriter on a project can participate for €750 (excl. VAT). The price includes two multiday residencies, three online sessions, accommodation and provisions during the residencies. You can find the complete program on the bottom of this page.

* please be aware of the fact that (part of) the writing has to be done in English, as some of the coaches and mentors are international experts. This means that next to your writing in Dutch, there always has to be an English version as well.

Submit here!

Do you want to sign up for the ScriptLab? Then complete the form below and upload your project. The submissions are open till December 15, 2020, 23.59 PM. You will be informed whether you have been selected on February 15, 2021. Please keep in mind that the ScriptLab is designed for fiction projects with feature length duration. To apply you need to have professional experience in short films or feature film projects.

Please send the following in one PDF file of a maximum of 15 pages and a maximum of 5mb in the order mentioned: 

  • A tagline, logline, synopsis, genre, format (TV, web, etc.), intended playing time (max. 2 page)*;
  • Treatment - (min. 9 - max. 10 pages)*; 
  • A motivation letter and specific challenges/questions that you are struggling with (max. 1 pages)*;
  • A mood board or other relevant information (links to earlier work serve as a recommendation)(max. 1 page)*;
  • (Brief) CV of yourself (and of the co-writer, if any) including links to previous works (max. 1 page)*.

* marked with * are mandatory.
The application has to be submitted in English due to our international decision makers team.


When submitting to the ScriptLab 2021, please take into consideration:

  • Every participant will need to allocate at least 8-10 hours a week for writing of the script during the individual task period; 
  • All the deadlines and content materials for each deadline must be respected. Failing to send the materials on time or providing less materials than required will result in the exclusion from the ScriptLab; 
  • All the materials will be shared within the group and coaches;
  • The writing process is in Dutch and English.
Click here to submit your project!

Program ScriptLab 2021

ScriptLab 2021 | March 10-14, 2021 | Session 1 - Synopsis, Structure and Treatment
ScriptLab 2021 | Online Sessions - March-September 2021
Script Lab 2021 | October 13-17, 2021 | Session 2 - Script: Frist Draft
ScriptLab 2021 | October-December 2021 | Individual Task & Online Sessions
Over de gastspreker: Jolein Laarman

Jolein Laarman worked as production designer on a variety of different feature film and television productions before she realised that writing is her real passion. Since then she has written many different television films, series, short and feature films such as the feature films Broos’, ‘Tussenstand’, ‘Het zusje van Katia’, ‘Onder Ons’, ‘Kauwboy’, ‘Verdwijnen’, which won many national as well as international prizes.

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