SHIFT Film Festival 2019 Celebrate the shifts in filmmaking.
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SHIFT Film Festival 2019

Celebrate the shifts in filmmaking.

Watch quality films by new filmmakers, attend special networking events, film labs, masterclasses and much more! Make a shift to your filmmaking skills!


13 september 2019
om 10:00


15 september 2019
om 23:00


ECI 13
6041MA Roermond

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Last deadline: July 3.

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SHIFT Film Festival 2019

SHIFT Film Festival is an annual film festival which focuses on new filmmakers, shifts in addressed topics, filmmaking, culture and society. What we perceive is our reality. Filmmakers tend to limit themselves as what they see becomes their truth. Perceptions are determined by what we value, experience, need or lack. They are determined by whether we are informed or misinformed. Shift is what is needed to change our perspective. And this is what SHIFT Film Festival is about. Be free, be different, do not be afraid, be in charge of your own life and make shifts to the world!

The central theme of SHIFT Film Festival 2019 is Shifting Boundaries.

"Great networking opportunities, valuable workshops and training options all at one location."

Remy Kooi

For everyone: filmmakers and the audience

Whether you are general audience, a new filmmaker or a professional one, SHIFT Film Festival offers a dynamic and high quality festival experience, with films from all over the world, inspiring workshops, lectures and more. Moreover, SHIFT gives a podium to upcoming talents by inviting filmmakers to the festival, organizing special networking events, meet & greets and workshops, so that they can make shifts in their way of filmmaking, expand their network, collaborate with each other, talk with the audience and create new projects. We are constantly seeking for productions and professionals that set changes in the world. Be the one to shift your boundaries!


The program of the festival will be announced no later than July 15. Till July 3rd filmmakers are welcome to submit their film to the festival via the button above.

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SHIFT Film Festival

Previous editions

SHIFT Film Festival 2018

SHIFT Film Festival 2018 took place November 16-17 in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. 20 films were shown, of which 8 world premieres. Special guests were - amongst others - Joost van Ginkel, Sydney Neter, Reinier Selen, Jennifer O'Connel, Paul Ruven, Edward Stelder and Annelies van Woerden. The Best Newcomer was handed out to Morfine by Leon Golterman. The winners of the festival were: After Dawn (Best Film), Fucking Cola (Best Euregion Film, Audience Award), Pale Blue Me (Special Jury Award, Youth Jury Award), This is Progress (Best Virtual Reality Award), Yorn Heijnen (CineSud Encouragement Award). The festival attracted 550 vistiors.

Festivalguide 2018 | Photo album 2018 | Aftermovie day 1 | Aftermovie day 2 | Junior Vlog Report

SHIFT Film Festival 2017

SHIFT Film Festival 2017 took place November 16-19 in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. 48 films were shown, of which 7 world premieres. Special guests were - amongst others - Ben Verbong, Martijn Winkler, Remy van Heugten and Norbert ter Hall. The Best Newcomer was handed out to Morfine by Leon Golterman. Winner of the Best Euregion Short Film Award was FIFO (Sacha Ferbus). Mathieu van den Berg won the Best Virtual Reality Film Award with Nowhere. The Youth Jury chose Kalinka by Remy Kooi as their favourite, Barbara (Mark Handels) won the Audience Award. The festival attracted 759 vistiors.

Festivalguide 2017 | Photo album 2017 | Aftermovie SHIFT 2017 | Aftermovie day 2 | Aftermovie day 3 | Youth Vlog Report | Junior Vlog Report.

SHIFT Film Festival 2016

SHIFT Film Festival 2016 took place November 17-19 in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. 15 films were shown, of which 4 were world-premieres. Special guests were - amongst others - Oscar Bastiaens, Stine Wangler, Erik van der Ven en Floris Parlevliet. SHIFT Film Festival 2016 hosted the first edition of the Talent Day. The festival attracted 350 visitors.

Aftermovie SHIFT 2016 | Photo album

SHIFT Film Festival 2015

SHIFT Film Festival 2015 took place November 28th in Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. During this one day pilot edition, workshops were combined with a short film screening, a pitch and a special screening of the classic movie Zusje (1995). Special guest was director Robert Jan Westdijk. The festival attracted 150 vistors.

Photo album

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