SHIFT Film Festival 2022 Shifting Distance.
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SHIFT Film Festival 2022

Shifting Distance.

The SHIFT Film Festival invites all filmmakers and film viewers to a digital experience of connecting with like-minded people in a digital festival space: take part in Short Film Competition & Director's Village and network with filmmakers from all over the world! Together with Royal Theatre Heerlen we will offer a on-site film program as well.


14 september 2022
om 10:00


18 september 2022
om 23:00


Stationsplein 5
6411NE Heerlen

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SHIFT Film Festival 2022

We celebrate the eighth edition of the SHIFT Film Festival from september 14-18, 2022 and we do so in spite, and maybe especially because, of the crazy times that 2020 & 2021 have brought us so far.

Slowly but surely, the world is coming back to as it was! Filmmakers all over the world can make films, cinemas are opening and more and more festivals are hosting their events onsite. It is time to show your film to the world and prepare for a new one! SHIFT Film Festival offers both - send in your film to the Short Film Competition and take part in Director's Village. Boost your creativity, get inspired by masterclasses by renowned filmmakers, meet new people during online networking at get-together sessions and get ready - it is time to get out there and make a movie!

This year’s edition of SHIFT Film Festival will run online (for international filmmakers) and onsite in Heerlen, shifting distance and creating a space for all the filmmakers to screen their films in the online cinema and enhance filmmaking skills during Director's Village. Get prepared to finally shoot and distribute your short film!

Director's Village and workshops

Boost your filmmaking skills by applying for the Director's Village and learn everything from script development to the directing actors. Please read the full program and how to apply here.

Short Film Competition

September 18 we will also host the Short Film Competition onsite in Heerlen. Let us try something new together and stay positive and fresh and eager to learn new things. Let us connect despite our physical distances and prove that creativity and our love of film can shift distances

"Great networking opportunities, valuable workshops and training options all at one location."

Remy Kooi

Film selection

Selected films will be published on August 20, 2022.

Shift to everyone: filmmakers and the audience

Whether you are general audience, a new filmmaker or a professional one, SHIFT Film Festival offers a dynamic and high quality festival experience, with films from all over the world, inspiring workshops, lectures and more. 

Moreover, SHIFT gives a podium to upcoming talents to present their works, organizing special networking events, meet & greets and workshops, so that they can make shifts in their way of filmmaking, expand their network, collaborate with each other, talk with the audience and create new projects. 

We are constantly seeking for productions and professionals that set changes in the world. Be the one to shift your boundaries by shifting distance!

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