Workshop | Company Development Learn from the best professionals in the field.
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Workshop | Company Development

Learn from the best professionals in the field.

Are you starting a creative (production) company or want to set up one? Then this workshop is especially organised for you! Harro van Staverden will talk in detail on company development.


21 maart 2020
om 10:00


21 maart 2020
om 13:00


Stationsplein 5
6411NE Heerlen

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Company Development

During the workshop, the guest coach Harro van Staverden will talk about production company development: how to make a business plan and strategy, what are the startup and ongoing costs, who is your target market, how long will it take you to break even? Those and many more questions will be addressed during this session.

Topics that will be discussed in this workshop:

  • How to make a business plan
  • How to create a business strategy
  • How and where to find your target audience
  • How to keep your company alive and kicking
  • What financial risks do you have to take into account and how to deal with them


The workshop will take place in Royal Theater Heerlen on March 21, from 10am till 13pm. The workshop will be in English.


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Over de gastspreker: Harro van Staverden

Harro van Staverden started his career as a producer in 1995 with a strong focus on youth and family content. By now he is known for, among other things, the television series Circus Noël and Tien Torens Diep as well as the feature films Secrets of War, Cool Kids Don't Cry and Code M. Currently he is running the production company Phanta Basta!, part of the Phanta group.

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