Castle of Hoensbroek
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Castle of Hoensbroek

Limburg (NL), Historical, Interior, Exterior

Castle of Hoensbroek is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The oldest part of this imposing water castle, notably the tall round tower, dates from around 1360. the castle was expanded in several phases, becoming the largest stronghold between the Meuse and the Rhine rivers. It contains at least 67 halls, rooms and living quarters. Over the centuries the castle has received extensive rebuilding and expansion three times. The different architectural styles from the different centuries (14th, 17th and 18th) are easy to separate from each other. The complex is surrounded by a moat and has four wings situated around a rectangular courtyard. The main building is reachable over a bridge.

Distance to airport (Maastricht-Aachen Airport): 15 kilometer


Klinkertstraat 118
6433PB Hoensbroek

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