Chateau Neercanne
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Chateau Neercanne

Limburg (NL), Historical, Public buildings, Interior, Exterior

‘The balcony of the Netherlands’. This is the pet name for the monumental, 17th Century terraced castle known as Château Neercanne, situated on the fringes of Maastricht. These days, with its many salons, marlstone and cave halls, wine cellars and towers, the château is as an award-winning, Michelin star French restaurant of the same name. Other features include the well maintained baroque gardens that flaunt their beauty across four levels, offering stunning views over the Limburgse Jekerdal (the Jeker valley in the province of Limburg).

Distance to airport (Maastricht-Aachen Airport): 17 kilometer


Cannerweg 800
6213ND Maastricht

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