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Mountain Road

Limburg (NL), Nature/Landscape, Traffic, Exterior

The Netherlands doesn’t have any mountains like the Alps or the Pyrenees. For solid, steep rock formations with hairpin bends and curves, you need to go to the Province of Limburg. Nine summits above 200 m. The Vaalser Mountain, in the far south (on the border with Belgium and Germany) is the highest at 322 m. Checked fact: Geul valley, named after the 58 km long river crossing the nature reserve, is known for its great height distances (total drop of the Geul River: 250 metres) with picturesque panoramas of streams, woods, castles and watermills.

Distance to airport (Maastricht-Aachen Airport): 32 kilometer


Plaatweg 1
6285NK Epen

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