Roman church
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Roman church

Limburg (NL), Historical, Exterior

The 13th Century, 60-metre high Onze Lieve Vrouwe Munsterkerk (Munster Church devoted to the blessed Virgin Mary) is the only late-Roman building in the Netherlands continuing to exude rich Catholic serenity. But it also reveals troubled times. Fires raged and the church was requistioned by French troops for use as a barracks, then as a prison and even as horse stables. It was only during the 19th Century that traditional Roman Catholic practice resumed, and when the famous architect Pierre Cuypers added many gothic elements to the church. Over the years the Munsterkerk has always been a location full of surprises. Such as when, during the 1960s, original paintings and decorative edging with mythological creatures were discovered under old layers of plaster. And in 2013 researchers stumbled upon fifty ancient skulls beneath an altar. Presumably these are also the remains of the Virgins of Saint Ursula who were murdered during the 4th Century. What other ‘mysteries’ will befall the Munsterkerk, with its ornate galleries, tombs, recesses and altars, is as yet unknown. The Holy Spirit still works in mysterious ways here.

Distance to airport (Eindhoven Airport): 60 kilometer


6041HA Roermond

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