Sinister Courtyard 2
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Sinister Courtyard 2

Limburg (NL), Industrial, Traffic, Exterior

In the north-west of Maastricht lies the old, industrial area of Bosscherveld which covers 47 hectares. Most of the local residents have moved away over the years, leaving just 140 or so people. What remains are the many - often dilapidated - factories and commercial buildings, mainly situated in the grounds along the Sanderweg; additionally the area borders a nature reserve containing woods, grass areas, lakes and a striking number of rare plants and animals, including owls, bats and reptiles. The fauna suits the ‘messy character’ of Bosscherveld, as noted by the Maastricht city council in 2014, and in many ways nature looks set to dominate this pleasant and schizophrenically macabre location.

Distance to airport (Maastricht-Aachen Airport): 13 kilometer



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