Sinister Courtyard 3
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Sinister Courtyard 3

Limburg (NL), Industrial, Exterior

At its south the Bosscherveld quarter is bordered by a bending road named the Lage Frontweg. In aerial photos this road, located in the so called Frontenkwartier (Fronten Quarter), resembles a moon landscape with empty plains and craters. In reality you are looking at large industrial warehouses, one of which was burned down in an impressive sea of flames in late 2014. However, it’s not all about desolation in Lage Frontweg. Many dynamic initiatives are coming to the fore in an area that can boast considerable industrial heritage (the old gasworks recently became a national monument). Buildings that seem set for demolition are being re-purposed by entrepreneurs from the creative sector. According to the director of the Toneelgroep Maastricht (Theatre Company), the Lage Frontweg ‘is buzzing with young and inspiring creative energy.’

Distance to airport (Maastricht-Aachen Airport): 12 kilometer


Lage Frontweg

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