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Guido Franken

Limburg (NL), Film commissioner, Talent & training lab representative

Born in Brunssum, in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands, Guido Franken (1988) got his Master’s degree in Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University. After started a foundation to promote the Dutch cinema and its history (www.NLFilmdoek.nl) he soon got involved in the process of making films. Since 2012 he (executive) produced several short films and documentaries that were shown all over the world and won various awards.

In 2012 he became director of CineSud, a non-profit organisation for the development of the filmindustry in Limburg. At this moment, CineSud is the leading regional film initiative in the Netherlands with lots of national and international collaborations. As of January 2016 Guido is also installed as the Limburg Film Commissioner (www.limburgfilmcommission.nl).

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