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Joost van de Loo

National (NL), Director
Joost van de Loo is a holistic detective and film director who specializes in detective documentary; a cocktail of humor and serious investigation. He combines film with design, journalism and improbable research to create things that first make people laugh, and then think. In 2015 he began a coincidence-powered quest to find Tom Bombadil, Tolkien's most mysterious fantasy figure, in the real world. This investigation has produced a detective documentary called Finding Tom Bombadil, which is Joost's debut film. Joost has also helped to launch a new program for BBC Four television, created Castrato Superstar (an Augmented Reality sculpture based on the true story of Paul Texel, a natural castrate opera singer with a soprano voice, who was discovered by Andy Warhol and then lost his voice) and wrote a series of features about contemporary hermits in the UK, India and The Netherlands. He has a mechanical engineering MSc degree from the Delft University of Technology, as well as a MA International Journalism from City University London. Joost is also a trained camera journalist and a practitioner of Story-Based Inquiry, the investigative method developed by Mark Lee Hunter (INSEAD) and taught at the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ). Also, he is registered as a certified provocative film director at the Institute for Eclectic Psychology (IEP).