Zeven makers geselecteerd voor Pitch Contest 7 nieuwe filmmakers maken kans op €2.000 productiebudget tijdens SHIFT Film Festival.
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Zeven makers geselecteerd voor Pitch Contest

7 nieuwe filmmakers maken kans op €2.000 productiebudget tijdens SHIFT Film Festival.

Traditiegetrouw organiseert CineSud tijdens het SHIFT Film Festival een Pitch Contest voor nieuwe filmmakers die werken aan een korte productie. Uit 16 inzendingen zijn zeven makers geselecteerd die zaterdag 14 september mogen pitchen tegenover een professionele jury. De winnaar van de hoofdprijs van €2.000 wordt later die dag tijdens de Award Show bekend gemaakt.

02 september 2019

Pitch Contest en Pitch Training

Naast de kans hun plan te pitchen, ontvangen de geselecteerde makers Pitch Training. De training wordt verzorgd door producent/regisseur Paul Ruven. De makers zullen nadien hun plan pitchen tegenover de jury, bestaande uit de deelnemers van CineSud's Producers Lab (Yorn Heijnen, Charlotte Driessen, Ruggero de Virgiliis, Sem Wigman en Michael van den Eynde) en (uitvoerend) producente Hanneke Bosman en Limburg Film Commissioner Guido Franken. De winnaar wordt bekend gemaakt in het avondprogramma Made in Limburg incl. Award Show tijdens SHIFT Film Festival op zaterdag 14 september.

Pitch selectie

De volgende zeven makers zijn geselecteerd voor de Pitch Contest inclusief pitch training:

  • Submersive, Bart Schrijver
    Six people have fled from the oncoming atomic war in a submarine and have been living there for two years. When they get a short signal from the surface a discussion starts: stay underwater and wait it out, or go back to the surface with the risk of dying.
  • Amygdala, Vincent Konings & Bas Geelen
    1794, a doctor’s routine home visit gets frightfully disturbed when the carriage he is driving is attacked by a dark apparition...
  • Waaghalzen, Willem Kagenaar
    After the death of their parents, the brothers Paul and Sjaak live in their parents’ old house. Though plunged in debts, one day the brothers receive a message that they have to pay a contribution to secure the remainings of their parents’ grave. Realising that they have to do something, the robbery of a bank becomes an option...
  • Millennials, Sam van Zoest
    To recover from a burn-out, a student goes on a vacation with his best friend and a group of eccentric millennials.
  • Woodland Cemetery, Niels Bourgonje
    A photographer has the assignment to shoot Skogskyrkogarden, a cemetery located in the woods of Stockholm. There she sees an old woman placing a lantern on a grave. When the photographer shoots a picture of this very private moment, she soon finds out that this haunting image is more haunted than she bargained for.
  • In Pieces, Nils Hanssen
    In Pieces is a psychological horror/thriller about a self-destructive man who wants to get his unrest under control but a past trauma he hasn’t overcome yet stands in his way. To overcome it, he has to reassemble his repressed memories again.
  • Wall #4, Lucas Camps
    When a cinema audience starts mocking a film, the films starts to turn against them.

    Benieuwd naar de winnaar?

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