Review | Der und die A film review written by the SHIFT Youth Jury member Muriel Bujotzek.
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Review | Der und die

A film review written by the SHIFT Youth Jury member Muriel Bujotzek.

In this year's edition of the SHIFT Film Festival, the Youth Jury got the opportunity to receive a free-of-charge coaching by the film critic Bjorn Gabriels who taught the basics of film analysis and how to write a good film review. Peter Böving's film Der und die was one of the 12 films which has officially been selected to the festival's Short Film Competition. After having attended the workshops, Youth Jury member Muriel Bujotzek reviews the film.

21 oktober 2020

The short film Der und die by Peter Böving deals with the confusing and overloaded modern society.

All these little frames of many stories coexisting at the same time and the combination of aliens, riots and people filming others creates a weird and obfuscating atmosphere which alludes to the temper of the society nowadays. 

What context should you concentrate on? In a time of hate and love all these different topics overflow people. Questions like "What is my sexuality?"; "Does discrimination increase and how can we deal with this challenge", get more popular and more important. 

Never let go of humanity and always respect each other. This is the main message of the short film and it becomes even more necessary in this day and age. However, the quickly changing and completely different impressions and frames appear more frightening when they should be more motivating. In the end, there is no decline of society if we collaborate and challenge ourselves together.

(c) All visual material is used with the filmmaker's permission.

Over de auteur: Muriel Bujotzek

Muriel Bujotzek (17) is a German pupil currently participating in a literature course in which films are being evaluated and analysed and the participants are also actively creating visual content themselves.

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