Review | 8563 A film review written by the SHIFT Youth Jury member Muriel Bujotzek.
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Review | 8563

A film review written by the SHIFT Youth Jury member Muriel Bujotzek.

In this year's edition of the SHIFT Film Festival, the Youth Jury got the opportunity to receive a free-of-charge coaching by the film critic Bjorn Gabriels who taught the basics of film analysis and how to write a good film review. Áron Farkas' and Ottó Kinizsi's film 8563 received the Special Jury Mention from the Professionals Jury and is now being reviewed by the Youth Jury member Muriel Bujotzek.

05 oktober 2020

The short film 8563 by Áron Farkas and Ottó Kinizsi deals with the the risks of blank ambition.

The game, which resembles hide and seek, starts in a peaceful manner. Everybody enjoys the exciting but friendly character of the game which is emphasised by the calm chirping and chirring sounds in the background - until number 8563 takes action. 

8563 is the number of a teenage girl who also takes part in the game. But she is different. Her strategy seems more aggressive and dogged. By the time she appears, the game changes into a hunt between the seeker and the other teammates. Even though she fights for her team, she sacrifices her team member and develops into a lone warrior. 

The atmosphere gets worse which is emphasised by the change of weather which evolves from sunny to a colder and darker setting. In the end she even risks her life and the life of the last seeker whereat the opposing teammate is hit by a car. 

This whole progress of turning a game into something more serious can also be applied to general matters. Ambition can be an impelling energy but also a destructive one. Sometimes the compulsion to achieve goals can lead to a stubborn and ruthless behavior which can harm fellow men and cause serious damage. 

A dream can come true with passion but abnormal ambition causes nightmares. This message is well portrayed by the filmmakers and I would recommend this short film to everyone.

(c) All visual material is used with the filmmakers' permission.

Over de auteur: Muriel Bujotzek

Muriel Bujotzek (17) is a German pupil currently participating in a literature course in which films are being evaluated and analysed and the participants are also actively creating visual content themselves.

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