Review | Room 5 brings up domestic violence A film review written by the SHIFT Youth Jury member Maya de Weerdt.
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Review | Room 5 brings up domestic violence

A film review written by the SHIFT Youth Jury member Maya de Weerdt.

In this year's edition of the SHIFT Film Festival, the Youth Jury got the opportunity to receive a free-of-charge coaching by the film critic Bjorn Gabriels who taught the basics of film analysis and how to write a good film review. Nihat Seven's film Room 5 was one of the 12 films which has officially been selected to the festival's Short Film Competition. After having attended the workshops, Youth Jury member Maya de Weerdt reviews the film.

24 september 2020

Being threatened and abused by your husband. Powerless and full of pain day after day. What would you do? What can you do? In the short film Room 5, Nihat Seven presents a story with a great emotional charge. A subject that, to this day, is still not addressed or discussed much. Room 5 makes you think a lot.

The story starts at a train station. A mother flees from her husband who is abusing her. She takes her son with her. She hopes to be helped by a social worker at the train station. The unbearable pain and sorrow that the main character brings into the room is huge. From the first second you feel involved in the story. A prevailing tension makes the film very impressive.

The lead actress has a strong facial expression through which people understand and feel her situation. With her authoritarian role, the social worker adds tension to the film. Finally, the presence of the child makes the situation even more intolerable. The sadness is visible in his eyes, but also the incomprehensibility of the situation. In short, the actors have been crucial in the strength and credibility of this film.

The alternating images of the train station and the interrogation room create an interesting dynamic that ultimately illustrates the high point of the film. Furthermore, the brown and grey tones of the footage provide a raw experience for the film. In other words, the sadness of the situation is reflected in the use of colour and visuals.

The film's climax leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat. Is the protagonist able to summon up all the courage and keep it up, despite feeling misunderstood? Room 5 raises many questions. Not only about what the main character will do, but also about the topic: domestic violence. Although we hardly ever talk about this subject, you will be more aware of it after seeing this film. A gripping movie based on a true story makes a fierce subject talkative.

(c) All visual material is used with the filmmaker's permission.

Over de auteur: Maya de Weerdt

Maya de Weerdt (17) is a Dutch student and has been involved with theatre, writing and directing since her childhood years. At the moment she is focussing on her career in the theatre and film world.

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