Euregion Film Festival presenteert Official Selection 2021! Welke films zijn geselecteerd voor competitie?
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Euregion Film Festival presenteert Official Selection 2021!

Welke films zijn geselecteerd voor competitie?

1-7 maart organiseert CineSud online de zesde editie van het Euregion Film Festival. Een week lang kun je online genieten van de beste korte films van het moment, een speciale Made in Heerlen-selectie en Filmmakers- en CineTalks.

02 februari 2021

Euregion Film Festival 2021

Het Euregion Film Festival 2021 heeft als centrale thema We'll See It Through. De covid19-pandemie heeft ons dagelijks leven nog steeds in haar greep. Ook het festival vindt daarom online plaats. Maar er gloort hoop. En we zullen sterker uit deze tijd komen, dat is zeker. 

Voor de officiële selectie van het Euregion Film Festival 2021 zijn 20 films geselecteerd in competitie. 12 hiervan strijden in de internationale competitie, 8 in de Euregionale competitie. Daarnaast is er een speciale Made in Heerlen-selectie, met recente films gemaakt in en/of over Heerlen. De complete lijst geselecteerde films vind je onder aan de pagina. 

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Euregion Film Festival 2021 vindt vanwege de onzekerheid rondom covid19 dit jaar online plaats. De Short Film Competition, Euregion Short Film Competition en Made in Heerlen films zijn voor een eenmalig bedrag van €5 een week lang te kijken. Na aankoop van je ticket ontvang je op 1 maart 10.00 uur een toegangslink  tot het viewing-platform. De Filmmakers Talks, CineTalks en Award Show zijn gratis online te volgen via onze Facebook-pagina en later terug te kijken via onze vimeo.

Official selection

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van de officiële selectie van het festival in de diverse programma's. De definitieve selectie werd gemaakt door onze hoofdprogrammeur Alexandr Gusev (FIPRESCI-journalist). Tijdens het festival maken de films in de International en Euregion Short Film Competition kans op diverse juryprijzen. De jury van het festival wordt medio februari bekend gemaakt.

Short Films

International Short Film Competition

  1. A Swimming Lesson From Dad | Biró Melinda Ildikó | Hungary
  2. Among Us | Stephan Eigenmann | United States
  3. Dalía | Brúsi Ólason | Iceland
  4. Mama's Ashes | Caspar Commijs | Netherlands
  5. Outline | Alejandro Renedo | Spain
  6. Snow Shelter | Robertas Nevecka | Lithuania
  7. Something is Happening | Roman Ďuriš | Slovakia
  8. Song Sparrow | Farzaneh Omidvarnia | Denmark
  9. The Speech | Haohao Yan | China
  10. Wound Riders | Angel Barroeta | United States
  11. You are always 20 | Christer Wahlberg | Sweden

Euregion Short Film Competition

  1. Blood Group | Daan Bunnik | Netherlands
  2. Charlie Z | Karel Konings, Yanu Schepens, Philippe Jackmaert | Belgium
  3. In Pieces | Nils Hanssen | Netherlands
  4. Lieve | Vincent Groos | Belgium
  5. Oxygen | Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer | Belgium
  6. Split-Up | Katja Jansen | Belgium
  7. The Ballet of Service | Marlies Smeenge | Netherlands
  8. The Unseen Evolution | Hussein Al Khayat | Netherlands

Made in Heerlen

  1. Convoi Exceptionnel | Genio de Groot | Netherlands
  2. Voor Galg en Rad | Paul Haans & Jeroen Wielheesen | Netherlands
  3. Barbara | Mark Handels | Netherlands
  4. Wachtkamer | Laura Huygen | Netherlands

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Euregion Film Festival 2021 | International Short Film Competition

The 11 selected films of the Euregion Film Festival's Official Competition.

A Swimming Lesson From Dad

Biró Melinda Ildikó | 14’06’’ | Fiction | Hungary | 2020

The 6-year-old Vivi is terrified of water. However, after her father’s swimming lesson she realizes there are more horrifying things in life than the children’s pool.

Among Us

Stephan Eigenmann | 11’26’’ | Fiction | United States | 2020

Anna, a young pianist, needs to fight for her passion and future as a musician when she begins to go deaf.


Brúsi Ólason | 16’09” | Fiction | Iceland | 2020

A distant father and his six year old son connect as they put a horse out of its misery.

Mama's Ashes

Caspar Commijs | 19’05” | Fiction | Netherlands | 2020

Under pressure of his stepfather, Jurriën travels to Spain to disperse his recently deceased mother. The rebellious teenager has a different wish, but how far does he have to go to bring his mother's ashes safely back home?


Alejandro Renedo | 18’00” | Fiction | Spain | 2020

"De perfil" (Outline) is an actress's journey through the mandatory tolls of industry and customs of shame in search of a job.

Snow Shelter

Robertas Nevecka | 16’09” | Animation | Lithuania | 2020

Living as a squatter with a group of strangers in a war-devastated city, a thirty-year-old guy struggles to survive and find a little more comfort in the rough setting.

Something is Happening

Roman Ďuriš | 18’54” | Fiction | Slovakia | 2018

Driven by his ambition, a journalist begins to investigate who is behind the violent acts in his city. After finally uncovering it, he is faced with the most difficult moral decision of his life.

Song Sparrow

Farzaneh Omidvarnia | 11’43” | Animation | Denmark | 2019

Based on a real event. Austria, August 2015. People of different color, race and culture embark on a journey, eager to find some place they can call home.

The Speech

Haohao Yan | 25’00” | Fiction | China | 2020

May 2003, Beijing. During a lockdown inside a private boarding, three eight-year-old girls have to find a way to make sense of the world.

Wound Riders

Angel Barroeta | 13’28” | Fiction | United States | 2020

When a young woman ventures into the unknown night, unexpected obstacles and the tantalizing distractions of creatures of the night transform her mission into a journey of self-discovery.

You are always 20

Christer Wahlberg | 14:30 | Documentary | Sweden | 2020

Having got hold of an old feature film from 2001, that he and his best friend made when they were 19, the director is reminiscing his youth and understands why their friendship is lost.

Euregion Film Festival 2021 | Euregion Short Film Competition

The 8 selected films of the Euregion Short Film Competition

Blood Group

Daan Bunnik | 12’45” | Fiction | Netherlands | 2020

Danny lives in a rusty caravan in the middle of nowhere. When his brother Brian shows up, he tells Danny their father is dying. Soon the ghost of Danny's abusive father starts to haunt him.

Charlie Z

Karel Konings, Yanu Schepens, Philippe Jackmaert | 15’35” | Fiction | Belgium | 2020

Boxing’s rising Youtube star ‘Charlie Z’ and his wicked manager Rabid try to impress a documentary crew following them to their next big fight.

In Pieces

Nils Hanssen | 23’18” | Fiction | Netherlands | 2020

After finding a mysterious puzzle in his living room, Adam, suffering from insomnia, decides to solve the puzzle, which brings him back to his past: to the happy times with his girlfriend Eva.


Vincent Groos | 17’11” | Fiction | Belgium | 2019

Starting out as a home nurse, Lieve braves the windy weather on her moped to assist her elderly patients. She has a big heart and tries her hardest to fulfill the wishes of all her patients.


Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer | 10’32” | Animation | Belgium | 2020

On a far away planet, home to Bobtors, an astronaut-doctor suffers from a lack of oxygen. To survive she has to pay the highest price as a human and as a doctor…


Katja Jansen | 11’51” | Fiction | Belgium | 2020

After a painful breakup, a young couple's life splits in two. He feels relieved and resumes his life being single, she is in tears and seeks comfort from friends.

The Ballet of Service

Marlies Smeenge | 14’55” | Documentary | Netherlands | 2020

At the International Butler Academy in Limburg, people from all over the world are trained to become a butler for the elite. Under a lot of pressure, they learn the old ways of butlering.

The Unseen Evolution

Hussein Al Khayat | 09’36” | Documentary | Netherlands | 2020

A painter and a dancer talk about how Heerlen has evolved and is still evolving in becoming more than the empty city with a bad reputation.

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