SHIFT Film Festival 2021 announces winners Awards in four categories.
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SHIFT Film Festival 2021 announces winners

Awards in four categories.

A professionals ajury chose the winners of the Official Competition in several categories. Next to that the audience chose their favourite film. This years SHIFT Film Festival was organised in a hybrid-version, due to the covid-19 restrictions.

19 september 2021

Award winners

The following awards were handed out:

  • Best FilmAND THEN THE SILENCE, by Lucas Trochet
    (€250 cash prize powered by CineSud)
    "The Directer managed to build a tense atmosphere with a strong leading character. The intense perspective is captivating from the first scene, drawing the viewer into the unpredictable end. The winning film is And Then The Silence by Lucas Trochet."
  • Best Euregion Film – THE BALLET OF SERVICE, by Marlies Smeenge (€250 cash prize powered by CineSud)
    "The film made us feel like we were secretly observing the characters and stories that were taking place. The film stood out by this special style, which felt refreshing in the documentary-landscape. The winning film is The Ballet of Service by Marlies Smeenge."
  • Special Jury Prize – MAY THE WORLD NOT CARRY YOU, by Rozalia Las 
    (€150 cash prize powered by CineSud)
    "We were deliberating for a while, having so much to mention from so many beautiful films. In the end we decided on a film that screams passion. For cinema, for the arts, for love, life and heartbreak. The director managed to grab our attention with her film and we are severely impressed by her many talents. The winning film is May The World Not Carry You by Rozalia Las."
  • Audience Award – SJEEMTE, by Floris Ramaekers
  • Winner Euregion Film Pitch – Marie Lormeau, with Le Trajet (€2000 cash prize powered by CineSud)
    "The filmmaker chose an original form in a unit of place, and lets her characters be captured by a cocoon, that later on becomes a trap. By using a moodreel in her pitch, we were able to visualize the vision of the writer/director. She chooses to challenge herself by working with actors in her own language, in this dialogue driven short film and we applaud that. We hope to see this film, that literally in the making process crosses borders, perhaps on an international filmfestival somewhere ..."

The professionals jury for the Short Film Competition consisted of Tessel Flora de Vries, Bastiaan van Daalen and Jeanine Cronie.  The Pitch Jury was formed by Reinier Selen, Loes Komen and Thomas Mataheru. The Award Show can be watched back via our Facebook-page.

SHIFT Film Festival

This seventh edition of SHIFT Film Festival mainly took place online due to the covid-19 restrictions. In collaboration with ECI Cultuurfabriek in Roermond we hosted seven film screenings, of which three were short film programs with the selected films in competition. 

In the unique three-days Bootcamp ShortsLab, organised in collaboration with Screen Talent Europe, more than 100 filmmakers from all over Europe met each other in inspiring masterclasses, online networking activities (get-together-sessions) and Writers Rooms. For the the Euregion Film Pitch four participants were selected, who received training by Reinier Selen and pitched their project to the pitch jury (Loes Komen, Thomas Mataheru, Reinier Selen). 

Via our social media channels two CineTalks were streamed live which reached over 1500 viewers during the live streams. The streams will be available to watch back later at any time. 

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