Case Study: Reduction Réka Anna Szakály on her animation short Reduction.
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Case Study: Reduction

Réka Anna Szakály on her animation short Reduction.

Reduction is one of the selected short films for Euregion Film Festival 2022. Today we dive into the making of this short with director Réka Anna Szakály.

10 februari 2022

The idea

"When I need to talk about the story I have difficulties because sometimes it’s a mystery even for me when I search for the origins. I wanted to make a film about my anxiety and how it separates me from people but also wanted to talk about toxic relationships and the dynamic they have. It was important to me to leave the creature unclear so the viewer can put themself into the story. Ever since my premiere, I have come to lots of conclusions and I think they are all right."

Don't be afraid to start again

"I changed the script many times, starting from nothing again. I drew about 3000 storyboard frames I never used, spent weeks with visuals and scripts I threw away. I realized it’s a common way for me because right now I’m doing the same thing for my new project. If I could give some advice I would say don’t be afraid to start again, when you find the right route it will work itself very fast.

I think something that’s really important is to find a crew you can work with. My team was all amazing artists who were not afraid of telling me when I’m wrong and added a lot to my film. I have found lifelong work partners, my background artist Ászity Boglárka who has amazing skills to understand my vision is also the visual artist for the feature film I work in as a technical production manager, this is our third project together.

Editing can save the day, especially in my case. I think the final cut totally changed it for the better so having an editor who understands the rhythm of your film is a key element."

Watch this short at Euregion Film Festival

March 5, Royal Theater Heerlen. March 1-6, online.

Tickets & more info.

Advise for other creators

"My tip for any creator is that you should find people who believe in you even if u can’t believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to create, and show yourself because your voice is deserved to be heard too. In closing I would say my wisdom; deadlines are like objects in the side mirror they are always closer than they seem."

(c) All visual material is used with the filmmaker's permission.

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