Euregion Film Festival 2022 Official Selection is unveiled! Which films are in Short Film Competition?
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Euregion Film Festival 2022 Official Selection is unveiled!

Which films are in Short Film Competition?

This year CineSud organizes the seventh edition of the Euregion Film Festival in a hybrid form, both onsite and online in our festival heart Theater Royal, Heerlen. For a week you can enjoy short films in competition, take part in masterclasses and listen to the Filmmakers Talks.

28 januari 2022

Euregion Film Festival 2021

NO DISTANCE, NO BORDERS, NO LIMITS! Film festivals unite us! Euregion Film Festival is proud to present her Short Film Competition selection and program. Take this opportunity to watch selected short films, meet and learn from international makers: check films from all over the world, and have a chance to discuss them through our Q&A sessions and Filmmakers talks; broaden your horizons with our special networking events, and reach out to our guests and participants to spark new collaborations, make new friends and be creative together!

Short Film Competition | Official Selection

The selection was made by our lead programmer Alexandr Gusev (FIPRESCI journalist). During the festival, the films in the International and Euregion Short Film Competition have a chance to win various jury prizes: Best Film (€250), Best Euregional Film (€250), Special Jury Mention & Audience Award. The jury of the festival will be announced in mid-February.


  1. ANOUSH | Deniz Telek | Turkey

  2. Everyman | Jack Goessens | United Kingdom

  3. I’m not Telling You Anything, Just Saying | Sanja Milardović | Croatia

  4. Reduction | Réka Anna Szakály | Hungary

  5. The other side | Jakub Zalewski | Poland

  6. The sound of Water | J.B. Braud | France

  7. You must have come from Hell | Hayfaa Chalabi | Sweden


  1. Autumn | Pim Christian de Vries | Netherlands

  2. Le Pain | Pepijn Tebrunsvelt | Belgium

  3. TILT | Björn Schürmann | Germany

  4. Wall #4 | Lucas Camps | Netherlands

  5. Woodland Cemetery | Niels Bourgonje | Netherlands

Join Euregion Film Festival on March 1-6 live or online.

Check out the complete programme, tickets and viewing links here.

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Euregion Film Festival 2022 | Short Film Competition

The 12 selected films of the Euregion Film Festival's Official Competition.


Björn Schürmann | 14’14’’ | Fiction | Germany | 2021

While a paramedic works a 24-hour shift to help people, she finds herself in a spiral of violence and oppression.

Woodland Cemeteray

Niels Bourgonje | 09’45’’ | Fiction | the Netherlands | 2021

A photographer has the assignment in Skogskyrkogarden cemetery, Stockholm: she soon finds out that the haunting image she captured is more haunted than she bargained for.


Deniz Telek | 15’00’’ | Fiction | Turkey | 2020

Anoush, a little girl, goes to borrow a wedding dress from a distant relative for her brother's wedding.

I’m not Telling you Anything, Just saying

Sanja Milardović | 17’41’’ | Fiction | Croatia | 2020

Zrinka arrives in her hometown for a few days to do some location scouting and discovers that her mother Tanja's exhibits a very strange behaviour.

The Sound of Water

J.B. Braud | 11’21’’ | Fiction | France | 2021

One day in Osaka, Chisato evaporated without a word. Paul, who had crossed her path, sets off to Koyasan, a sacred mountain, in the hope of finding her.


Réka Anna Szakály | 10’56’’ | Animation | Hungary | 2021

Two girls live together along the post-apocalyptic coast. When a mysterious character enters the life of one, a chain of irreversible events begins.


Jack Goessens | 10’52’’ | Documentary | United Kingdom | 2021

A personal, visual essay about gender transition – focusing on the social context and implications and exploring how the world is different living as female compared to being perceived as male.

Le Pain

Pepijn Tebrunsvelt | 10’’ | Fiction | Belgium | 2021

Namur, 1941. A German soldier investigates whether a jewish family is hiding in a dilapidated farmhouse that only seems to be inhabited by a French speaking Belgian girl.

The other Side

Jakub Zalewski | 12’30’’ | Documentaire | Poland | 2021

Marcin is a big hearted person with a large amount of energy for living. His biggest dream is a career in e-sport. On the other side of the screen life is different.


Pim Christian de Vries | 04’25’’ | Animation | the Netherlands | 2021

Autumn brings the wind that carries a falling, withered leaf through the memories of a woman’s youth and her relationship with a once young man.

You Must Have Come From Hell

Hayfaa Chalabi | 05’22’’ | Animation | Sweden | 2021

In her short film, Chalabi tells about her own asylum experience and the roles that refugees are forced into in Sweden.

Wall #4

Lucas Camps | 07’54| Fiction | the Netherlands | 2021

When a cinema audience starts mocking the film they're watching, the events in the theater take an unexpected turn.

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