Filmmakers Talk | Karsten de Vreugd over zijn nieuwe projecten In gesprek met de Talents to Cannes 2022.
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Filmmakers Talk | Karsten de Vreugd over zijn nieuwe projecten

In gesprek met de Talents to Cannes 2022.

In de periodieke Filmmakers Talk gaan we in gesprek met zowel gevestigde als nieuwe filmmakers. We praten over hun carrière, belichten de nieuwste projecten en staan stil bij hun grootste inspiratiebronnen. Deze keer Karsten de Vreugd, geselecteerd voor CineSud Talents to Cannes 2022.

24 maart 2022

Filmmakers Talk | Karsten de Vreugd

Vandaag een gesprek met filmmaker Karsten de Vreugd, deelnemer van het CineSud Talent to Cannes 2022 programma. Na zijn deelname aan het Scriptlab 2019-2020 won hij deelname aan de training- en netwerkreis. Corona gooide twee jaar roet in het eten, maar in 2022 mag hij alsnog! Wat zijn de projecten die hij nu ontwikkelt?

Talent to Cannes 2022 | Projects and Participants

Discovers the filmmakers and their respective films, that will be sent to France at the occasion of the Festival de Cannes 2022!

Niels Bourgonje | Shut

Fiction | 15'

When Jonas visits his father, he's shocked to find him in a confused and potentially violent state.

Catherina Iosifidis | Amy & May

Fiction | 10'

The friendship between two best friends Amy (16) and May (16) is tested when they meet two boys while going out.

Jack Groessens | Everyman

Documentaire | 11'

A personal story about the social side of gender transition.

Nicole Jachmann | Funkele

Fiction | 15'

Fifteen-year-old Robin and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. Except, that is, for Robin's budding sexuality and her curiosity, something she is ashamed of, and which she keeps anxiously hidden.

Tim Ewalts | Undergrowth

Fiction | 15'

A struggle between two brothers escalates as their father tries to teach them how to become a lumberjack.

Jet Kragt | Blauwe Regen

Fiction | 13'

After giving birth to her stillborn child, Saar flees into what could have been her future. When the safe delusion is overtaken by harsh reality, everything becomes unbearable.

Rudi Brekelmans | Sex Sells

Fiction | 33'

The first wave of Covid-19 turned independent sex worker Ellen into an indebted employee of an escort company. A client now wants her to celebrate the financial success he experienced during the same period.

Leon Golterman | Aeronaut

Animation | 02'

A ten-year-old boy dreams of becoming a pilot so he and his sister can escape their tyrannical father.

Charlotte Driessen

Pitch Winner - Producers Lab 2019

Karsten de Vreugd

Pitch Winner - ScriptLab 2019

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