Selection Film Talents to Cannes 2022 announced! Ten filmmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium selected.
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Selection Film Talents to Cannes 2022 announced!

Ten filmmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium selected.

After the great success of the networking and training trip to the Cannes Film Festival previous years, CineSud is again taking filmmakers to this prestigious stage of global film this year. Ten filmmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium have been selected for the program and will stay at the French Riviera resort from May 22 to May 28.

16 maart 2022

Film Talents to Cannes

CineSud spontaneously launched the Film Talents to Cannes program in 2018 to give filmmakers the chance to gain knowledge, experience and connections outside their own country's borders and on the world's biggest stages. That year, a delegation of ten new filmmakers traveled to the Marché du Film for the first time to attend networking opportunities, workshops, coaching and one-on-one sessions. The program caught on so well that it became a permanent part of CineSud's activities starting in 2019, which was quickly acknowledged nationally and internationally.

The program is sponsored by CineSud's main partners which are - amongst others - Province of Limburg, Municipalities of Heerlen, Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands Film Fund, Elisabeth Strouven Fund and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. For the 2022-edition we are happy to partner up with a new partner: Cinecitta Tilburg. Cinecitta is the arthouse cinema in the city of Tilburg and a strong supporter of art-house films. 

Guido Franken (director of CineSud): "We are proud on this new collaboration with one of our partners from Noord-Brabant, Cinecitta Tilburg. Together we ensure that talented filmmakers from the south of the Netherlands can profit from this program and set big and meaningful steps to strengthen their careers in the film industry. Being in Cannes is one thing, but being able to take part in workshops, coaching sessions, networking events and one-on-one meetings as part of this training program will make it a unique experience."

Jasper Naaijkens (Head of Film of Cinecitta Tilburg): "With Film Talents to Cannes, we want to offer a springboard to filmmakers from Brabant. Our aim is that, thanks to the network they can build up through this project in Cannes, these filmmakers will be able to enter into European collaborations and co-productions in the future and thereby give the Brabant film climate an impulse."

Selection 2022

The following filmmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium are selected and receive the complete Film Talents to Cannes experience in our collection called CineSud | New Dutch Talent 2022.

  • Niels Bourgonje (scriptwriter & director) – SHUT
  • Catherina Iosifidis (scriptwriter & director) - AMY & MAY
  • Jack Goessens (director) - EVERYMAN
  • Nicole Jachmann (scriptwriter & director) - FUNKELE
  • Jet Kragt (scriptwriter & director) - BLUE RAIN
  • Rudi Brekelmans (director) - SEX SELLS
  • Tim Ewalts (scriptwriter & director) - UNDERGROWTH
  • Leon Golterman (scriptwriter & director) - AERONAUT

Besides the filmmakers mentioned above, two filmmakers will be joining the program who won the participation during CineSud Film Pitch in 2019. Due to covid-19 it was not possible to visit the 2020- and 2021-edition of Cannes for them. 

  • Charlotte Driessen (producer, Producers Lab 2019-20 participant)
  • Karsten de Vreugd (scriptwriter & director, ScriptLab 2019-20 participant)

    Cannes 2022

    The selected filmmakers will travel to the Mecca of film from May 22 to May 28 to present their short film at the Festival de Cannes. CineSud further provides exclusive networking opportunities, networking dinners and access to workshop, conferences and receptions. Finally, the filmmakers are guided on their personal goals and ambitions and one-on-one meetings are set up with production companies, distributors, festivals and funds, for example.

    Talent to Cannes 2022 | Projects and Participants

    Discovers the filmmakers and their respective films, that will be sent to France at the occasion of the Festival de Cannes 2022!

    Niels Bourgonje | Shut

    Fiction | 15'

    When Jonas visits his father, he's shocked to find him in a confused and potentially violent state.

    Catherina Iosifidis | Amy & May

    Fiction | 10'

    The friendship between two best friends Amy (16) and May (16) is tested when they meet two boys while going out.

    Jack Groessens | Everyman

    Documentaire | 11'

    A personal story about the social side of gender transition.

    Nicole Jachmann | Funkele

    Fiction | 15'

    Fifteen-year-old Robin and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. Except, that is, for Robin's budding sexuality and her curiosity, something she is ashamed of, and which she keeps anxiously hidden.

    Tim Ewalts | Undergrowth

    Fiction | 15'

    A struggle between two brothers escalates as their father tries to teach them how to become a lumberjack.

    Jet Kragt | Blauwe Regen

    Fiction | 13'

    After giving birth to her stillborn child, Saar flees into what could have been her future. When the safe delusion is overtaken by harsh reality, everything becomes unbearable.

    Rudi Brekelmans | Sex Sells

    Fiction | 33'

    The first wave of Covid-19 turned independent sex worker Ellen into an indebted employee of an escort company. A client now wants her to celebrate the financial success he experienced during the same period.

    Leon Golterman | Aeronaut

    Animation | 02'

    A ten-year-old boy dreams of becoming a pilot so he and his sister can escape their tyrannical father.

    Charlotte Driessen

    Pitch Winner - Producers Lab 2019

    Karsten de Vreugd

    Pitch Winner - ScriptLab 2019

    Want to follow the Talents?

    Are you curious about the expectations and adventures of the group of filmmakers? Then keep a close eye on our online magazine in the coming period. Video interviews and blogs will appear in the coming months.

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