Euregion Film Forum 2023 Short Film Selection by Festival programmer Alexander Gusev

"A temporary refuge from the sorrows of our reality and at the same time to better understand this reality."

The selection for Euregion Film Forum 2023 was made together with programmer Alexandr Gusev (FIPRESCI journalist). During the forum, the films in the Short Film Competition Made in Euregion have a chance to win the Best Euregion Film Award and a cash prize of €250.

Our goal was to present examples of new short films from each country of Eu Region and wherein maintain a genre and stylistic balance, to show both narrative works devoted to topical social issues and samples of a bold formal search.

Presenting the film selection of Euregion Film Forum 2023

"Amy & May by Catherina Iosifidis is a kind of coming-of-age-novel, which takes place over the course of one evening. Against All Odds by Laurenz Otto dedicated to a child who still does not know how to adapt to the hardships of our life and remains alone in his experiences. Is this the centre ? by Michel Couturier appears as an essayistic love confession to the city of Liège. Blue Rain by Jet Kragt talks about the drama experienced by so many and yet rarely seen by the cinema cameras. In Grandma's Chillies by Max Jacoby and Pattrawan Sukmongkol the still relevant theme of the pandemic is intertwined with timeless issues of a migrant who is homesick and yet understands that he cannot realize himself in his native land. The Water Sommelier by Ryan Wichert and Noémi Dabrowski is mockumentary recreating the professional routine of the rarest specialty."

Pan-European Universality 

"The films of these countries clearly show trends towards, I would say, the acquisition of some kind of pan-European universality. From the recent pandemic and the refugee situation to the timeless themes of self-realization and family relationships, filmmakers from all states are concerned with the challenges their peoples are equally experiencing. It is worth mentioning that in modern films a sense of human commonality is becoming more and more expressive, when cultural, ethnic differences do not become barriers that prevent us from seeing in others the human dignity and rights that we ourselves have, to see in everyday life of those who came from distant lands a reflection of our own hopes, fears and worries. At the same time, this kind of ethical unification in no way deprives the films of Eu Region of their regional flavor, does not prevent the authors draw upon from the treasury of national culture. It seems to me that interest in natives of other lands, in foreign cultural achievements enriches the perception of one's own culture in the authors' transmission. A significant role here is equally played by the support of young filmmakers from the regional film commissions, as well as the programs of film schools that encourage cultural exchange."

The difference in filmmaking in the Eu Region 

"Amy & May conveys the process of growing up as a rethinking of relationships with friends, a balance between friendship and one's own sensual impulses. Against All Odds reveals the dramatic dependence of the child on loved ones, his defenselessness, which is a consequence not only of the physical superiority of the adult, but also of the love that children experience for their parents whatever they are. Is this the centre ? focuses our attention on the constant clash of the past and the present, the ordinary and the high, which exists in the life of each of us, but is especially noticeable in a city with a rich history. Blue Rain describes not just the drama of the mother, but the trials young couple faces as a whole. Grandma's Chillies conveys feelings (that familiar even to those of us who, unlike the heroes of the film, did not experience migration and did not lose beloved ones in a pandemic) of longing for home and for the past, inescapable love for relatives and the impossibility of returning. The Water Sommelier with all the irony of intonation reveals the drama of our attempts to give weight to our professional pursuits and hobbies."

A temporary refuge from the sorrows of our reality

"It seems to me that art is especially beautiful because it allows to find a temporary refuge from the sorrows of our reality and at the same time to better understand this reality, to comprehend its most tragic aspects. We believe that the films of our program provide viewers with both of these opportunities."

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