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CineSud offers filmmakers unique opportunities in the heart of Europe and brings makers and audiences together.

CineSud is the film hub for talent and industry professionals in the heart of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Within the hub, new filmmakers and professionals meet, work together and activities are organized to enhance their qualities and skills. CineSud organises industry events, film labs, festivals and more. The foundation also initiaties around ten (short) productions each year. CineSud creates new possibilities: not only through all kinds of training and networking opportunities, but also by raising and initiating production funds for filmmakers. Since its establishment in 2011, CineSud has played a pioneering role in the field of talent development in the Netherlands and abroad.

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The key film hub in the Benelux

CineSud is the film hub in the heart of the border region of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With a focus on new filmmakers and industry professionals, CineSud offers new and established filmmakers unique opportunities to further develop and realize themselves and their projects. As the only region in the Netherlands, CineSud offers filmmakers from all over the world a tailored package of activities in the field of networking, financing and training. It goes without saying that there is also a link with the audience: in addition to its own film festival CineSud organises, in cooperation with many partners, various opportunities for filmmakers to show their projects to a broad (international) audience. Every year, several interactive activities are organised where young and old can make their own films or learn more about film/filmmaking.

Unique film labs and training programmes
Multiple financing possibilities for productions
International network of professionals, funds and authorities
Follow workshops, talks and get personal coaching
Watch and experience film through an online academy, magazine and video-on-demand
CineSud is a crucial player in this unique border region of the Netherlands. Harro van Staverden


In a short space of time, CineSud has provided a successful and leading blueprint for regional film initiatives, with proven national and international significance. Some of the successes achieved for filmmakers include the installation of a regional film fund and regional film commissioner, the launch of the first Shorts and Feature Film Labs in the Netherlands and the artistic success of short productions from the CineSud Talent programme. CineSud is the only Dutch organization that is part of the prestigious Screen Talent Europe network. It’s also a member of the Short Film Conference.

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CineSud invites new filmmakers, industry professionals, film organisations and other film initiatives from all over the Benelux to join the film hub. By continuing to jointly build on and invest in a solid film infrastructure in this border region, we ensure that (new) unique opportunities are created for film talent from all over the world as well as (international) co-productions in the fastest growing film region in the Netherlands. CineSud represents the interests of the entire film network in our unique border region: together we stand strong. We’ve already shown this by the major steps we’ve taken in the past few years.

Limburg is the source of all my stories. A place full of drama but of unparalleled beauty. Remy van Heugten


After research carried out by the Province of Limburg into the viability of film in the region, a festive meeting in October 2011 at Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht was the go-ahead for the launch of CineSud. The first meeting was born, a digital platform went online and the first workshops were planned.

CineSud was founded by Elbe Stevens, Patrick Oliemeulen and Billy van den Ende. The daily management of the foundation has been in the hands of Guido Franken since January 2012. The original board resigned in April 2012. Do you want to know who currently sits on the board, who runs the daily organization and what our mission is? Then be sure to read on!

The Organisation

Since 1 January 2016, CineSud endorses the Governance Code for Culture. Since January 2020, CineSud as well endorses the Cultural Code Diversity & Inclusion and Fair Practice Code. The 'supervisory board model' ('Raad van Toezicht'-model) has been chosen as the foundation's management model. The supervisory board consists of at least three and maximum seven members. Under the articles of association, the board members are appointed for a period of four years and can be reappointed once. The foundation cooperates with many partners and freelancers and is managed by the director and a daily organization.

As the key film hub for emerging filmmakers and industry professionals in the Benelux, CineSud offers filmmakers unique opportunities to further develop, produce and show their work and skills in an international context. Together with our partners (from home and abroad) we’re able to work effectively, decisive and fast on more opportunities for filmmakers as well as on building a strong film culture. Guido Franken

Our mission

CineSud wants to strengthen the film climate in the province of Limburg, and thus also in the Netherlands and the border region of the Netherlands - Belgium - Germany. This creates a lively (film) culture from which both makers and the public benefit. In recent years, more and more productions have been made in the region, demonstrating that the province can offer an additional infrastructure to that of the Randstad. By working together with the Randstad - and other regions around us - we create a strong (inter)national proposition, which makes the region both creatively, culturally and socially attractive.

CineSud as a healthy cultural institution

CineSud has had a straight record since its establishment. Each cultural period it scores high on content, good employment practices, adherence to the Culture Governance Code and its business position. CineSud has been designated by the tax authorities as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution. We also endorse the Culture Governance Code. Read more below.

We endorse the Culture Governance Code!
CineSud has been designated as a Public Benefit Entity (ANBI)
Wij onderschrijven de Code Culturele Diversiteit!
Wij onderschrijven de Fair Practice Code!

The GPDR and our terms and conditions

CineSud complies with the GDPR-legislation and values privacy, clear communication and terms and conditions. You will find more information below (in Dutch only). Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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