Film Talents to Cannes selection 2023 announced!

Five filmmakers and five films selected.

Film Talents to Cannes

CineSud spontaneously launched the Film Talents to Cannes program in 2018 to give filmmakers the chance to gain knowledge, experience and connections outside their own country's borders and on the world's biggest stages. The program caught on so well that it became a permanent part of CineSud's activities starting in 2019, which was quickly acknowledged nationally and internationally.

This year, a delegation of five new filmmakers travels to the Marché du Film for the first time to attend networking opportunities, workshops, coaching and one-on-one sessions. One extra participant was selected for several parts of the program.

Selected Participants 2023

The program is sponsored by CineSud's main partners which are - amongst others - Province of Limburg, Municipalities of Heerlen, Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen, Elisabeth Strouven Fund and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. For the 2023-edition we are happy to partner up with new partners Playgrounds (from the province of Noord-Brabant) and New Noardic Wave (Friesland-Drenthe-Groningen).

Karel Konings (Vogelkooi, Bird Cage), Angelo Raaijmakers, Julian Verkerk (Jäger), Lau Zautsen and Sophie van de Pol (Uitchecktijd, Late Check-Out) are selected for the Film Talents to Cannes 2023 program. Nathalie Roux, ShortsLab 2022 participant and director of Stripped Down, will be joining us at location as an extra participant for several parts of the program.

Selected Films 2023

CineSud will be taking a total of five films this year to present in the Short Film Corner.

  • Bird Cage| Karel Konings
  • Late Check-Out | Sophie van de Pol
  • Jäger | Julian Verkerk
  • Stripped Down | Nathalie Roux
  • Goudhaan | Sem Dingemans
  • Husom | Mandula van den Berg & Job van Aken
Sophie van de Pol Film Talents to Cannes project | Uitchecktijd
Karel Konings Film Talents to Cannes project | Vogelkooi
Julian Verkerk Film Talents to Cannes project | Jäger
Lau Zautsen
Angelo Raaijmakers