Filmmakers Talk | Frederic Kau on The Show

Part of the SHIFT Film Forum 2023 Short Film Competition.

In these periodic Filmmakers Talks, we talk to both established and new filmmakers. We talk about their careers, highlight their latest projects and reflect on their greatest sources of inspiration.

Filmmakers Talk | Frederic Kau

Today, a conversation with filmmaker Frederic Kau from Germany on his film The Show, which is selected for the SHIFT Short Film Competition during SHIFT Film Forum 2023. The short film is about the famous activist-couple Max and Lou. They went to extreme lengths to make a statement and got irreversibly sterilized together. They don’t want to have children in a world where humanity keeps on destroying the planet. They are about to have their first TV-appearance after their sterilization, when Max confesses something to Lou: Shortly before the procedure he got cold feet and couldn’t go through with the vasectomy…

SHIFT Film Forum 2023

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