Filmmakers Talk | Ruud Satijn on At a Glance

Part of the SHIFT Film Forum 2023 Short Film Competition.

In these periodic Filmmakers Talks, we talk to both established and new filmmakers. We talk about their careers, highlight their latest projects and reflect on their greatest sources of inspiration.

Filmmakers Talk | Ruud Satijn

Today, a conversation with filmmaker Ruud Satijn from the Netherlands on his film At a Glance, which is selected for the SHIFT Short Film Competition during SHIFT Film Forum 2023. The short film is about pizza delivery guy Izem. During his evening shift, he suspects domestic violence is taking place behind the doors of a wealthy customer. Do the police believe his warning? At a Glance is about a quest for connection by people from various social backgrounds, who are challenged to shake off their prejudices. For Izem and his customers, this is not without risk.

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