Filmmakers Talk | Sam Dijkstra on Zeebenen

Part of the SHIFT Film Forum 2023 Short Film Competition.

In these periodic Filmmakers Talks, we talk to both established and new filmmakers. We talk about their careers, highlight their latest projects and reflect on their greatest sources of inspiration.

Filmmakers Talk | Sam Dijkstra

Today, a conversation with filmmaker Sam Dijkstra from the Netherlands on his film Zeebenen, which is selected for the SHIFT Short Film Competition during SHIFT Film Forum 2023. The short film is about Maas. When on a hot summer’s day, Maas meets his girlfriends' group of friends for the first time, he gets confronted with dormant insecurities. He tries to hide his insecurities, but when the whole group decides to go swimming in the sea, he is faced with a difficult choice. Will he go to the sea and show himself, or stay on the beach and hide? What starts for Maas as a careless summer’s day, evolves into a painful confrontation with himself and his body.

SHIFT Film Forum 2023

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