Winner Limburg Film Pitch 2023

International jury choses Jachtgebied of Sando Heijen & Hanna Fleer as the winning project!

Geplaatst op 3 november 2023

Limburg Film Pitch 2023

CineSud stimulates new filmmakers and professionals in several ways. We organise training programs, Writers Rooms and offer filmmakers lots of other activities. Via our Pitch Forums we are able to offer filmmakers small production grants, which they can use to co-finance their next projects. The winner of the Limburg Film Pitch will receive a production grant of €1.500, which has to be used for the project that is pitched. The selected participants of this year were Rob O'Brien (Marjolein vs. The Mangrove), Tineke van Veen (Unsettling Waste), Chinh Tran (Old Miss), Sando Heijnen & Hanna Fleer (Jachtgebied) and last but not least, Gillian Graven (Utrecht on Sea).

The Best Pitch

After the jury, Coen Leuven, Holger Wimmer and Lena Lapschina, deliberated, they decides to award the idea for the short fiction film Jachtgebied of Sando Heijen & Hanna Fleer.

Jury statement: "We chose to award Jachtgebied - Hunting Grounds with the best film pitch because of its' absurdist way to convey a multitude of themes, under which individualism in a closed society. The pitch made us discuss about the morals and values of our own reality. We are excited to see what these new filmmakers will bring to the table and we wish them the best of luck in the development of their film."