Meet the winner of the Euregion Film Pitch 2023

Lau Zautsen wins Best Euregion Film Pitch for his project When You Change The Sky.

Euregion Film Pitch

CineSud stimulates new filmmakers and professionals in several ways. We organise training programs, Writers Rooms and offer filmmakers lots of other activities. Via our Pitch Forums we are able to offer filmmakers small production grants, which they can use to co-finance their next projects. The winner of the Euregion Film Pitch will receive a production grant of €2.000, which has to be used for producing the project that is pitched.

Best pitch

In the week prior to the pitch, the six selected participants received two Pitch Training sessions from IJswater Films producer Nicky Onstenk. Finally, the participants pitched their project live to a jury consisting of director Luca Meisters from The Netherlands, Belgian director Patrick Tass and producer Anna Weber from Germany.

After the jury deliberated, they decides to award the idea for the short fiction film When You Change The Sky pitched by Lau Zautsen from The Netherlands. Jury statement: "First of all thank you all for the beautiful pitches! All of your stories were really touching and we felt your need and urgency to tell them. The film that we‘ve chosen is a film that we could already see coming to life during the pitch. The storytelling deals with its subject in a very subtle way. The characters navigate us through an emotionally and complex journey. The film manages to depict a very specific topic in a community and yet keep it very relatable to the spectator."

Lau Zautsen will get €2.000 sponsored by CineSud for When You Change The Sky.