CineSud partner in New Producers Room

Thomas Mataheru selected Dutch producer.

Launched in 2022 by Cinema de Demain, a division of the Festival de Cannes, the New Producers Room showcases and supports ten emerging short film producers who have already completed at least two short films. In 2024, CineSud joins as one of the partners of the New Producers Room, selecting one promising Dutch short film producer to participate in its training and networking program.

New Producers Room

The New Producers Room is designed to familiarize these producers with co-production opportunities through specialized online sessions and presentations held during Cannes.

Beyond mere financial collaborations, it provides a platform for building strong, mutually beneficial relationships, acquiring co-production skills for future endeavors, and ultimately enhancing the distribution and exhibition of upcoming short films.

Part of the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry, this initiative offers a unique opportunity for young producers to connect with potential partners and explore promising short film projects showcased within the Creative Programs (Focus SCRIPT – shorts in development & Focus WiP – shorts in progress).

Developed in collaboration with various European Institutions, including Baltic Shorts, CineSud, Croatian Film Centre, Scandinavian Film, Swiss Films, and Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants (SPI), the New Producers Room is an esteemed platform for fostering industry connections and facilitating professional growth.

Thomas Mataheru

As the Dutch participant, CineSud has nominated emerging producer Thomas Mataheru (DotInk Cinema). Thomas, a participant of CineSud’s Dutch Film Talents to Cannes program in 2019, has made significant strides in recent years, including winning a Golden Calf for Best Dutch Short Film in 2023 with Lucid Dreaming.

As part of the New Producers Room, Thomas will benefit from a series of online informative and coaching sessions, as well as a curated program during the Festival de Cannes, providing invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development.