Ukrainian Encounters 2023

Join us for an enriching experience that bridges cultures and languages!

Ukrainian Encounters is a diverse and heartfelt event, one of profound significance. It not only serves as a platform to celebrate the remarkable talent and unwavering resilience of Ukrainian refugees but also underscores CineSud's dedication to collaborating with local residents and nurturing a strong sense of community. Join us in this heartwarming celebration!

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Ukrainian Encounters 2023

During this event, a special play will unfold on the stage: Christmas on The Roof. This heartwarming production, entirely in the Ukrainian language, is a powerful performance by Ukrainian refugees. It offers an intimate view into their life experiences and creative abilities, adding depth to the celebration and showcasing the unity and strength within the Ukrainian community. 

After the captivating play, the evening continues with the screening of the feature film Dovbush, thoughtfully subtitled in English. This exciting addition ensures that our event is not only a celebration for the Ukrainian community but also an invitation to audiences from around the world. Join us for an enriching experience that bridges cultures and languages!

Tickets for the feature film with English Subtitles can be found below. The play is free to attend, the language of the play is Ukrainian. 

The play: Christmas on The Roof is the result of the Working Groups Acting Workshop

Practical info & tickets

Date: Saturday, December 16, 15.30 PM - 19.00 PM
Location: Royal Theater in Heerlen

  • 15:30-16:00 Play | Christmas on The Roof | 12+
  • 16:00-17:00 Networking Drinks
  • 17:00-19:00 Feature Film | Dovbush


  • The play Christmas on The Roof is free of charge
  • Feature Film: Dovbush - €5

Tickets for the feature film with English Subtitles can be found below. The play is free to attend, the language of the play is Ukrainian.

*Free tickets for CineSud members (registration required via [email protected])

The earnings from the ticket sale will be donated to support Ukraine.

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Feature Film Selection

Dobvush is a Ukrainian Feature Film thoughtfully subtitled in English. Read more on the film below. 

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Theatre Play: Christmas on the Roof 

On the Rooftop of a multi-story building, various characters prepare for a festive evening. Despite facing a series of difficulties and conflicts, they strive to create a special moment. Life stories unfold among friends and family, addressing questions about the future, money, and family relationships. The appearance of a mysterious box of money makes this night even more enigmatic, and each character reacts to it differently. Will it lead to radical changes in their lives, or will everything remain as it was?

Meet the participants and characters of the play: 

Playwright Sofya Hmain

Artistic leader of the workshop Anna Demianenko

Inspirator & assistant Nataliia Toropina

  • Lara (Mother of Sasha and Eva) - Liia Kryvynchuk
  • Sasha - Jessica Kovaleva
  • Eva - Elizabeth Sabelnikova
  • Zhena (Mira's friend) - Anna Derhousova
  • Mira (Zhena's friend) - Hanna Snizhko
  • Misha (Children from the neighbouring yard) - Mykhailo Makoviy
  • Vika (Children from the neighbouring yard) - Viktoria Makoviy
  • Karolina (Children from the neighbouring yard) - Karolina Medvedchuk

Working Groups | Acting 

In April 2023, a group of refugees joined Working Groups: Acting. They engaged in a variety of exercises and scene performances, which inspired them to use their newfound skills to create a play. Starting in September, they together selected a location, characters, and a theme. With the help of improvisation, they brought the play to life .

The script was written by Sofya Hmain, with contributions from all the workshop participants. Anna Demianenko guided the artistic direction of the workshop.

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